A gymnastics program designed with the little ones in mind

Our KinderGym classes provide endless opportunities for kids to learn, play, develop and explore in an environment that is safe, stimulating and FUN. Research shows that kids learn best by exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity. Our qualified gymnastics coaches emphasize the excitement of learning and, with just the right amount of success and challenge, we encourage kids to discover that hard work is rewarding, and learning is fun!

Our KinderGym program is split into development stage-based classes. Parent participation is compulsory for our Parent Assisted classes, and we recommend that each child has their own adult to accompany them. Our 3+ and 4+ classes are independent classes, but we encourage parents to stay and watch from our parent viewing area. It is important for kids to enrol in a developmentally appropriate class to ensure they experience the right amount of challenge and success.

Here’s how our KinderGym classes are structured:

  • Free exploration and guided discovery
  • Group time including brain building activities like cross-patterning, gross and fine motor skills and gymnastic shapes
  • Gymnastics circuits incorporating important fundamental movement skills like climbing, crawling, jumping, rolling, swinging, balancing, throwing and catching.
  • Sticker time!

Our KinderGym classes are professionally developed to ensure that each station and activity is purposeful. Activities change fortnightly to provide a stimulating and exciting experience. We focus on gymnastic skills, fundamental movement skills, cross-patterning, brain development exercises and more.

Parent Assisted

45 minutes          1 class per week

This class is perfect for adventurous kids who love spending time with their parent or caregiver. Together you’ll play, explore and learn new skills as our coaches show you how to guide your child through each of the activities.

Our Parent Assisted classes are a great way to bond with your child and a great place for them to learn how to navigate through life safely.

Sitting still, listening and taking turns are skills that need cultivating, just like forward rolls and handstands. We don’t expect children to join in each activity or complete full circuits initially. These are skills that build over time and active participation from their parent or caregiver is essential for success.

Learning through play is essential for children’s development, so this class is all about exploring and having FUN!


3+ Years

45 minutes          1 class per week

This class is perfect for kids who are a little more independent and are ready to try activities by themselves. Our classes are stage based, so kids move from the 2+ class into the 3+ class when they feel ready instead of when they have their birthday.

Children participate in this program independently and are guided through each of the circuits and activities by our coaches. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay and watch from our comfortable parents’ area and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee (toys are available for siblings).

Our 3+ KinderGym class is professionally developed to provide children with independent learning. Each activity is carefully planned and purposeful.

Taking turns, listening and following instructions are skills that need cultivating, just like handstands and cartwheels. Our KinderGym program gives children the opportunity to practice these skills while learning and developing the essential childhood skills needed for things like independent play in the playground.


4+ Years

45 minutes          1 class per week

This class is perfect for children who are independent and are going to start school next year.

Children participate in this class independent of their parent or carer and focus on developing gymnastic skills while working on their school-readiness skills like listening, taking turns and following instructions. Our coaches work to instil a growth mindset in children to help them become life-long learners.

Parents are of course welcome and encouraged to stay and watch from our comfortable parents’ area and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee (toys are available for siblings).

Our qualified gymnastics coaches help kids experience a wide range of age appropriate gymnastics skills and fundamental movements that assist their learning and development. We use a series of small circuits to help kids practice their gymnastics, listening and life skills.

Our 4+ KinderGym class will help kids build coordination, agility, strength and speed while teaching them how to apply principles like respect, teamwork and responsibility into their daily life. As kids develop at their own pace, we individualise activities when necessary to offer just the right balance of challenge and success.


Parent Experience

  • Skylark Sports is more than just a gymnastics class! Jasmin's vision to utilise gymnastics & circus training to create a holistic program for kids is genius. Her understanding of the importance of movement for both physical and mental development is inspirational. We love Skylark and the Team is always welcoming and inclusive.

    Mel Gibbs
  • Each week, the Skylark team put together a professional, fun programme for the kids. With changing themes, it’s educational and challenging, and since coming along, my little boy Douglas has shown great improvement in his confidence, coordination and abilities.

    Penny Watters
  • Our kids (ages 2 and 4) love Skylark. They’re so engaged in the activities and the instructors are great!

    Sam and Cheryl
  • Luke is very energetic and fussy about what sport he likes. But he talks about and looks forwards to gymnastics all week through, it’s great! Would love him to come every day!

    Maxine McKellar
  • I hang upside down on the bars!

    Luke Age 4
  • We have just started our first term at Skylark Sports KinderGYM and we are loving it! We did a free trial for our first session and our son Finn had so much fun we signed up on the spot! The sessions are engaging, challenging, educational and greatly enjoyable. Finn has already developed so many new skills and his confidence has grown enormously. We are thrilled!

    Lisa Donald-Goudie
  • My son loves KinderGYM. The coaches are great and he enjoys all the activities

    Loving Mother
  • I like walking on the beam and jumping to catch the bar. I like all the coaches I’ve had.

    Hazel Age 4
  • My 4-year-old loves KinderGYM, it has helped to build her confidence and explore new ways of moving. We love the way it develops both fine-motor skills and whole body skills

    Loving Parents
  • Our daughter, who continues to do gymnastics at a higher level, loved KinderGYM as it was a great mixture of fun and skill. And as parents, we also loved it not only for the friendships she made, but the skills she learnt are transferable to all other sports and activities in everyday life

    Loving Parents

What's Next

After kids graduate from our KinderGym program they can move into our Gymnastics or Ninja programs.

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