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Skylark Kids Win at Life

The Skylark Edge

Skylark Sports is a gymnastics club with a difference. At Skylark we use gymnastics, acrobatics and ninja as tools to build happy, capable, resilient kids. Our programs are professionally developed and age appropriate to provide children with the best learning environment and the most fun. We teach kids to cartwheel, roll, flip and fall and we teach them to do it SAFELY. We teach kids to love learning and moving because we know it increases their chances of happiness and success.

Using gymnastics, acrobatics and ninja training, we teach kids how to physically prepare and move their bodies in a fun, challenging and safe environment. Risk taking is an important part of growing up, a part that is often overlooked in an effort to keep kids safe. Teaching kids to appreciate and understand risk in a controlled environment helps them make better decisions when it counts.

There is a place for everyone at Skylark and we strive to make sure our programs are welcoming and inclusive. As an affiliate member of Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia, Skylark Sports operates as a member based sporting club. We are fully insured through Gymnastics Australia’s Risk Protection Program. Our coaches are nationally accredited and selected for their genuine love of children as well as their technical expertise. They bring out the best in each child by encouraging them to exceed their perceived limitations.

The Skylark Mission

We teach confidence through movement.

We teach confidence, and we use gymnastics, acrobatics and ninja training to do it. We want the kids that walk through our door to leave more confident and happy than they arrived. We want parents to relax and enjoy the experience. We teach kids to take responsibility for their health and their learning. We build them up so they are confident enough to set challenging goals and we help them understand the need to work hard to achieve them.

Our Values

At Skylark Sports we believe in teaching positive learning attitudes, skill mastery is a secondary goal. Our values are important to us:

We prioritise the long term health and well-being of the children we interact with.

We learn. We play. We enjoy what life has to offer. We believe in giving the benefit of the doubt wherever we can. We do our best to be responsible citizens and take care of the world we live in. We say please and thank you and encourage children to do the same.

We recognise the genius in all children and we strive to teach the way they learn.

We strive for growth and development, but we know that mistakes are worth making!

Having a growth mindset encourages learning and effort. The hallmark of a growth mindset is the passion for sticking with it, especially when things are not going well. The growth mindset says “people can get smarter, stronger, faster, more compassionate, etc….you do so by stretching yourself and taking on challenges, so pick a hard problem – who cares if you fail! It’s all learning!”

At Skylark Sports we believe in having and teaching a growth mindset. We study and understand the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, we recognise these mindsets in ourselves and our students, and we work towards a culture that supports and encourages a growth mindset for all.

We look for opportunities to learn everyday and we want all our students to develop a love of learning that stays with them for life.

Dr Carol Dweck is the primary researcher in this field and we would encourage all parents and educators to learn about her work. This is a great video to start!

Life should be fun, so we create fun experiences for ourselves and those around us. We create fun in both the little and big things, the planned and the unplanned. When children develop a positive association with physical activity they are more likely to remain physically active into their teenage and adult years so we work hard to develop that association.

Our Facilities


Parking at Mount Waverley at peak times can be a challenge, but it's worth it, we promise!

Parking is available in front of the building in our private car park. Please take care extra care when moving through the car park. On-street parking is available on both Hardner Road and Expo Court.

Parking at Lynbrook is easy! Use any of the parks in front of or beside the building. If it's full there is heaps of on-street parking on the side streets. Just take care walking to the building.

Please respect our neighbours by not using their private car parks.

For Parents

We want you to relax and enjoy the experience of doing something great for your child. Our parent assisted Kindergym classes give you an opportunity to learn to play with your child, to enjoy spending time with them and to help them develop their brain and body so they are ready to win at life.

Our classes for kids 3 and above are just for kids, so you can relax knowing that they are in good hands, learning and growing and having a great time. Once they have turned 5, you can leave them with us and go out and enjoy some time on your own, or stay and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee while relaxing in our parents area. With great viewing access to the gym you can see what’s going in the gym, or take a seat and get some work done, read a book or catch up on social media.

Shop, administration facilities and more

We have a selection of leotards, t-shirts and jumps available for sale at the front desk. You don’t need a leotard, but if your child wants one we want to make it easy for you to buy. You can also purchase them online through the customer portal and pick up at the gym.

To make things easy we operate on a direct debit service which we will help you get set up upon enrolment. We also accept card payments at the front desk and over the phone.

Parent Experience

  • I wanted my introvert 2yo daughter to do kindergym because she was prompt to tripping over and hurting herself. Now, after attending kindergym for more than 6 months, she’s become more agile, adventurous and confident in exploring new heights and picking herself up after a few falls. I highly recommend this gym school for building a toddler’s self-confidence whilst still having a lot of fun playing, climbing and expending all the extra energy!

  • My daughter had such a great time at the holiday program session today - thanks for providing such a fun and vibrant environment for the kids during the school holidays. Quote "I love doing the gymnastics holiday program with all my friends" ☺

    Melinda Kelly
  • Our daughter, who continues to do gymnastics at a higher level, loved KinderGYM as it was a great mixture of fun and skill. And as parents, we also loved it not only for the friendships she made, but the skills she learnt are transferable to all other sports and activities in everyday life

    Loving Parents
  • My 4-year-old loves KinderGYM, it has helped to build her confidence and explore new ways of moving. We love the way it develops both fine-motor skills and whole body skills

    Loving Parents
  • I like walking on the beam and jumping to catch the bar. I like all the coaches I’ve had.

    Hazel Age 4
  • My son loves KinderGYM. The coaches are great and he enjoys all the activities

    Loving Mother
  • We have just started our first term at Skylark Sports KinderGYM and we are loving it! We did a free trial for our first session and our son Finn had so much fun we signed up on the spot! The sessions are engaging, challenging, educational and greatly enjoyable. Finn has already developed so many new skills and his confidence has grown enormously. We are thrilled!

    Lisa Donald-Goudie
  • I hang upside down on the bars!

    Luke Age 4
  • Luke is very energetic and fussy about what sport he likes. But he talks about and looks forwards to gymnastics all week through, it’s great! Would love him to come every day!

    Maxine McKellar
  • Our kids (ages 2 and 4) love Skylark. They’re so engaged in the activities and the instructors are great!

    Sam and Cheryl


Skylark Sports is always looking for great people to join our team. If you have an interest in gymnastics, dance, parkour or acrobatics coaching and are aligned with our values we would love to hear from you. Send your resume and cover letter to admin@skylarksports.com.au


Skylark Sports is committed to continuous improvement and our policies are updated regularly. You can find our latest information on our member documents page.