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National Clubs Carnival Wrap

A huge number of our Skylark Squad athletes have just returned from an amazing trip to the Gold Coast, where the sun shone almost as brightly as our performances!

Congratulations to NinjaSquad members who took part in the Gym4Life challenge, performing their Mighty morphin’ Ninja rangers group display – a firm crowd favourite which achieved a silver award. Athletes also competed as individual athletes representing Skylark in their first ever FreeG event, which also happened to be the biggest in Australia! We had great success in both the speed run and Freestyle events, including finalists in many of the age and difficulty divisions and some medalists… HUSS! (see results below)

Congratulations to our AcroSquad athletes who performed at the National Clubs carnival 2019, alongside their fantastic performances they showed great sportsmanship by supporting and cheering each other on as spectators over the 4 days of competition. As an acrobatics club our scores, overall results and medallists combined show that we are making great progress towards our goals. These successes come from a lot of dedication and hard work in the gym and behind the scenes. (see results below)


We are extremely proud of all athletes who took part and would like to thank coaches and parents for your ongoing effort and support to make this all possible.




Gym4Life Challenge

Skylark Sports NinjaSquadSilver



Speed Run

11-15 Years
Matteo Macali7th


16-36 Years
Levi Gould4th
Christian Kossivas6th




Christian Kossivas1st



James Dimitrakopoulos1st


All-Around Champion

Christian Kossivas4th




Level 5

Womens trio

Lana Joel, Chiara Nathan, Caitlin Pugh6th3rd5th
Grace Moss, Sarah Verga, Meeka Petersen16th16th16th


Womens Pair

Lucy Saville, Allegra Natoli13th9th11th


Mixed Pair

Trent Rogers, Scarlett Evans1st3rd2nd


Level 6

Womens trio

India Kennedy, Mia Reitberger, Chloe Auslender4th2nd4th
Megan McNally, Jasmyn Bull, Tyleigh Goncalves6th3rd5th


Level 7

Womens trio

Emily Cuddy, Sophia Livanidis, Bianca Luminato1st4th1st


Level 8

Womens trio

Madlen Mikhaylichenko, Tegan Schiller, Ava Goodwin4th2nd5th3rd


Level 9

Mixed Pair

Dylan Findley, Jasmine Link1st1st1st1st



National Clubs Results – Overall Champion Club

Skylark Sports – 4th

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