Lynbrook Prices

Class prices for classes at Skylark Lynbrook

Cost per week (billed monthly)

45 minute class

GymFun or NinjaFun
60 minute class

GymSkills or NinjaSkills
80 minute class
$32.70 per class

To view our timetable with live availability and to book a free trial, visit our Customer Portal.

Enrolling in a class secures your place in the class ongoing, until you let us know in writing that you would like to change classes or end your enrolment.

Skylark Sports welcomes new enrolments at any time of the year. If you aren’t sure if a Skylark class is right for you, one free trial per person can be arranged. If you would like to trial a different program or class, a single class fee will be applied.

A trial can only be accommodated where a place exists in the class. After your trial you have 3 days to secure the place in the class. The class enrolment must start at the next available class; we cannot hold your place so please only accept a trial class when you are ready to enrol. If we are unable to confirm your enrolment within 3 days of your trial, your place will be released.

Skylark Sports bills monthly on the 25th of the month for the following month. Statements are sent via email to the primary guardian. Payment is due on the 1st of the month and will be processed via direct debit.

Billing is automatically calculated based on the actual number of classes running in the month. Different days will have different charges, depending on how many of each day there are in that month (usually between 3 and 5). When a scheduled class is cancelled during the month (for example, a public holiday), your tuition will be reduced accordingly.

A credit/debit card or bank account on file is required to complete your booking. You are welcome to pay your account prior to the processing date each month via the Customer Portal, in person by cash or via bank transfer. Any balance remaining on the processing date will be charged to your card on file.

Further information can be found in our Skylark Participation Agreement.