An intermediate to advanced tumbling program

Our tumbling program is an intermediate to advanced tumbling program for athletes 10-17 years of age. We focus on developing intermediate to advanced tumbling skills without a high level of time commitment.

Some athletes use this program to supplement other sports such as acrobatics, cheerleading, dance or gymnastics, while others use it to maintain fitness and develop new skills after retiring from a gymnastics or acrobatics program. Tumbling can also be a pathway into our AcroSquad program.

The possibilities are endless!

Tumbling - 10-17 Years

The class is fun and individualised and there is a strong focus on taking responsibility for your learning and helping others in your team.

The prerequisites for this class are:

  • Round off backflip
  • Front handspring
  • Front sault

These skills can be performed on the floor or tumble track. Our coaches will work with you to set goals and help them develop a plan to achieve them.

The structure of the class is as follows:

  • Warm up and flexibility training
  • Strength, conditioning and fitness
  • Floor tumbling drills and progressions
  • Trampoline tumbling drills and progressions utilising the tumble track and double mini trampoline
  • Cool down

The class is individualised so athletes can work on developing their own skill set (for example, achieving an aerial or tumble passes for cheerleading or dance performance).


Parent Experience

  • Skylark Sports is more than just a gymnastics class! Jasmin's vision to utilise gymnastics & circus training to create a holistic program for kids is genius. Her understanding of the importance of movement for both physical and mental development is inspirational. We love Skylark and the Team is always welcoming and inclusive.

    Mel Gibbs
  • Megan loves her tumbling class with Kent. Kent's a great mentor, with lots of positive energy. His classes provide a great balance between strength / core training, and practice of tumbling skills, not to mention confidence boosting! And what an inspiration he is for the kids, with awesome credentials as a top current gymnast. Megan's really engaged to improve her tumbling skills. Most importantly, it's done in a fun and safe environment. Handy also, as the classes are a great complement to her other sports - competitive aerobics and netball. Thanks Skylark! Appreciate your work.

    Mee Chee

What's Next

If your athlete is looking for a competitive program you might like our Squad Acrobatics Program, or try our gymnastics program if they haven’t quite mastered the prerequisites needed for tumbling.

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