Because every kid should win at life!

    At Skylark Sports we believe that every kid has magic within. With the right skills, formed early in life, every kid can grow up believing they can take on the world.

    That’s why we developed a program that uses gymnastics, acrobatics, tumbling and ninja training to change the way they see themselves and the world!

    We teach kids to run, jump and launch into life on their own two feet. Because these are the skills kids need to be able to win at life.


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    What We Offer


    Our KinderGym program is a fundamental movement program essential for early childhood education. Using gymnastics to develop the body and brain, we teach kids the skills they need for later success.

    • A professionally developed fundamental movement program with classes for kids from 2 to 5 years.
    • Real gymnastics skills, hidden in fun. Roll, swing, crawl, jump and cartwheel.
    • Classes designed to enhance learning and development in the vital early years.
    • Builds strength, flexibility, coordination and essential brain connections.
    • We teach toddlers to listen, take turns and concentrate.


    Our Gymnastics program is a skill based, non-competitive program where kids will have fun while developing confidence, coordination and fitness. They will experience the joy of being a gymnast.

    • A professionally developed, recreational gymnastics program for kids 5 to 14 years. Achieve skills and confidence without competition pressure.
    • Suitable for all levels. Age-based classes so friends can participate together.
    • Teach a growth mindset – once they learn they can get better with effort they can apply this to other areas of their life.
    • Develops resiliency and the ability to excel in different sports and life situations.


    Our Ninja program is a unique, skill based, high energy program designed and developed with the whole child in mind. A fusion of parkour, gymnastics, trampolining and ninja techniques, this sport teaches fitness, focus and fun.

    • Train like a ninja! A program for kids 5 to 17 years to develop physical skills to boost their athleticism.
    • Develop a ninja focus. We focus on discipline, respect and cooperation along with physical skill development.
    • Suitable for all levels. Age-based classes so friends can participate together.
    • Develop resilience – by learning to channel impulse and energy into focused goals kids learn the skills they need for success in other areas of life.


    Our tumbling program is designed for gymnasts and dancers, or those who just have a high level of athleticism, that want to enjoy progressive tumbling skill development without a lot of commitment. The focus is on floor and trampoline tumbling including flips, saults and aerials.

    • An intermediate to advance tumbling program for 10 to 17 year olds.
    • Improve tumbling skills on the floor and tumble track.
    • Fun and individualised to ensure each athlete is developing skills and confidence.
    • Work on tumbling connections and improving fitness.
    • Make new friends and enjoy a team environment.
    • A non-competitive option for retired gymnasts wanting to maintain fitness and develop new skills.


    Our Squad Acrobatics program is a competitive gymnastics program with opportunities for beginners to elite athletes. Acrobatics is a fantastic sport incorporating gymnastics, dance and acrobatic skills that develops well rounded individuals who know what it takes to succeed.

    • An extraordinary team sport incorporating individual gymnastic skills, dance and partner stunts and balances.
    • Great for different body shapes and sizes, perfect for those retiring from gymnastics.
    • Opportunities to compete at local, state, national and international competitions.
    • Develop lasting life skills including trust, respect, confidence, teamwork and an understanding of risk, consequence and time management.

    Holiday Program

    Our Gymnastics and Ninja Holiday Program runs for during the school holidays and is perfect for kids aged 5-14 years. We also run skills specific workshops for those wanting to master key skills.

    • Gymnastics, ninja training, circus, parkour and acrobatics.
    • Nationally qualified coaches ensure safe skill progressions.
    • Perfect for beginners and those with experience.
    • Grouped by age and friendships – perfect for kids 5-14 years.

    The tabs above give you a quick overview of our awesome programs. Our programs are designed to help great parents raise the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and academics.

    We help your child stay active, have fun, learn more easily at school and be more socially successful at each stage as they grow up.

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     We are a fully equipped gymnastics and ninja training centre and safety is our number one priority. Our programs are professionally developed and age appropriate to provide kids with the best learning environment and the most fun.

    We are a registered gymnastics club with facilities in Mount Waverley and Lynbrook, Melbourne, affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. Our nationally accredited coaches are selected for their genuine love of children and their technical expertise.

    Our program pathways ensure that kids can learn at their own pace. We provide opportunities for everyone from beginners to elite athletes. We are proud to work with children to help them develop the skills they need to win at life.


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