Skylark Policies

Before using our facilities, you must first acknowledge and agree to our policies as stated below.

Please review these policies and visit the Parent Portal to acknowledge and agree to these terms.

Trial Classes:

One free trial class is available to new members. Trial classes can be requested through the Parent Portal or booked over the phone or email. Booking a trial class secures your place in the class for 6 days after the class so you can decide if you would like to continue. Following your trial, our Customer Administration Team will be in touch.

What to wear:

Participants should wear comfortable sports clothing. Tight fitting clothing is recommended to avoid items going overhead when going upside down or getting caught on equipment. Bare feet are best, except in our Ninja programs where lace-up, flat soled shoes are to be worn. Long hair should be tied back away from the face. No jewellery, watches or buckles are to be worn in the gym. Personal items such as shoes can be left in pigeon holes, please ensure they are marked with your child’s name. Participants are asked not to bring valuables to class.
Water bottles will be brought into the gym with the athletes, please ensure they are sealable.

Casual Attendance:

Casual attendance can be accommodated if places exist. Please ask our Customer Administration Team for casual class attendance information.

Student Class Changes:

Our Customer Administration Team will contact you if we feel your child should change class, alternatively feel free to contact us if you’d like to try another class.

Unlimited class reschedules:

Skylark Sports offers unlimited rescheduling of classes for active members. See our ‘Rescheduling’ section for more information.


If you know that your child is going to be absent or you’re going away, we ask that you please get in touch with out CAT team to let us know. This will give us a more accurate recording of attendance and creates more ease for other members when trying to reschedule missed lessons. 

Unlimited class reschedules:

Your tuition pays for your place in the class regardless of attendance. We do not offer tuition reductions, refunds or credits for missed classes, however we do offer unlimited class reschedules for your convenience.

Skylark Sports offers unlimited reschedule of classes for active members. We want your child to enjoy the benefits of our programs and so if you are unable to make your class for any reason you can reschedule, before or after the class missed. The following policies do apply to ensure we can continue to provide a great experience:

  • Rescheduled lessons must be booked through the front desk and must be no more than 3 days in advance. This gives us more opportunity to see updated availability and avoid overfilling classes.
  • You can only book into a class where spaces exist. We don’t want to overfill classes as the experience and safety of kids is our number one priority.
  • Rescheduled lessons are only valid for 12 months in a calendar year. Any rescheduled lessons prior/after this cannot be redeemed.

Please note that class reschedules are not guaranteed, however we will do our best to help you find a suitable class. You must be currently enrolled to utilise this service. If you are going to be absent we ask that you let us know, that way we can offer your place to a student who is looking to reschedule their class that week. Squad classes are not eligible for rescheduling.

Enrolling and unenrolling: 

Once enrolled, your place in that class is secured until you let us know if you’d like to change classes or unenroll.
To unenroll simply email us to let us know the date of your last class or give our Customer Administration Team a call. 14 days’ written notice is required to ensure we can cancel your direct debit service.

Tuition Policy:
Payment is made through our Direct Debit Service. Your account will automatically be debited each fortnight for the fortnight in advance. When scheduled class cancellations are to occur during the fortnight (i.e. Public Holidays), your tuition will be pro-rated accordingly.

Tuition is charged fortnightly for the fortnight in advance on a Monday, on an ongoing basis. The first charge date in 2019 is Monday 14 January.

Your tuition pays for your place in the class regardless of attendance. We do not offer tuition reductions, refunds or credits for missed classes.

Unsubscribing from email blasts:

Throughout each month we will send out updates on what is happening in the gym, policy updates or changes, term dates or closures and many more. We advise against unsubscribing if you are an active member of the gym as you might miss something important relating to your child’s enrolment.

Drop-off and collection:

Skylark Sports recognises that parking can be difficult, especially during peak times. The safety of the children in our care is our number one priority so we ask that the following age-based policies are adhered to. We also ask that you respect our neighbours by not parking in their private carparks.

Hardner Road can get very busy and it is difficult for drivers to see pedestrians as they step out onto the road, especially from between parked cars. Please be extra vigilant to keep yourself and your children safe. 

The safety of the children in our care is our number one priority so we ask that the following age-based policies are adhered to.

Under 9 years – parent/guardian must park car and walk child into the centre. The child must not leave the centre without the parent/guardian.  

Between 9 and 12 years – parent/guardian may drop off and pick up from the car, but the parent must be able to see the child as they enter and leave the centre. The child should not leave the centre until they can see the parent/guardian. Children must not wait on the street for collection. 

Over 12 years – we recognise that children of this age may be utilising public transport or other modes of transport to access the center during daylight hours. We ask that children text the parent/guardian when they arrive to let them know that they have arrived safely. If the child doesn’t have a phone, they are welcome to use the phone at reception to give the parent/guardian a call. After dark the child should not leave the centre until they can see the parent/guardian and must not wait on the street for collection. 



As you are all aware, parking during peak times can be difficult. We ask that you please respect our neighbours by not parking in their carparks.

Parent viewing:

Skylark Sports has a comfortable viewing area for parents and non-participating siblings. A large window and set of doors provide great viewing access to the gym.

Parents are not permitted to enter the gymnastics area at any time (unless actively participating in a parent assisted KinderGym class). We ask that parents please respect this rule as it is in the best interest of all participants (both your own child and other children) and for your own safety.

Parents of children 4 and over are welcome to leave the premises for the duration of the class if you prefer.

Participants only: 

We ask that parents, siblings and non-participants do not enter the gym unless it is a parent-assisted class. There are three main reasons for this – keep reading to find out more! 

  1. It’s not safe for you. Lots of stuff is happening in the gym, both on the ground and in the air.
  2. Our equipment is expensive, and we want to keep it in good condition. Our flooring and crash mats can add up to over $50,000 alone. Our equipment is important, but the safety of the kids is our main focus. 
  3. It’s not safe for our participants. If parents and siblings enter the gym it is distracting to our athletes and can lead to injury. If they land on you it will probably hurt them more than it hurts you so please make sure you don’t enter the gym 


Photography in the gym: 

As you may know, parents are not permitted to enter the training space. Photos through the viewing window or door are permitted, however you are not permitted to take photos of other students without their parent’s permission. We ask that everyone please be mindful of this when taking photos of your children. 

Skylark Sports is a ‘nut aware’ environment.

Please help us support those who are anaphylactic to nuts by not bringing them with you to the gym. If you have eaten nuts before attending please ensure that your hands are washed before entering the gym. Thanks for your cooperation.

2019 Term Dates –

Term 1:
Monday 21 January – Sunday 14 April

Public Holiday Closures: Monday 28 January (Australia Day) & Monday 11 March (Labour Day)

Term 2:
Monday 23 April – Sunday 7 July

Public Holiday Closures: Thursday 25 April (Anzac Day) & Monday 10 June (Queens Birthday)

Term 3:
Monday 15 July – Sunday 22 September

Term 4:
Monday 30 September – Friday 20 December

Public Holiday Closures: Tuesday 5 November


Annual membership fee:

Skylark Sports charges an annual membership fee once per athlete/family per calendar year. This fee is valid from the time of joining until December 31 each year and is only paid once, not each term. The annual membership fee is compulsory and covers:

  • Insurance and registration with Gymnastics Australia (insurance information is available here)
  • Gymnastics Victoria Membership (a member benefit pack is available to all members which includes some great savings including free spectator entry to the Victorian Championships)
  • Skylark Sports Membership including a Skylark gift

The annual registration in Term 1 is $75 per student or $100 per family.

Pricing when joining in later in the year is as follows:
Term 2 – $65 per student or $90 per family
Term 3 – $55 per student or $80 per family
Term 4 – $35 per student or $50 per family


KinderGym (45-minute class) – $46.70 per fortnight

GymFun / NinjaFun (60-minute class) – $52.25 per fortnight

GymSkills / NinjaSkills / Tumbling (80-minute class) – $67.20 per fortnight

AcroSkills / NinjaSquad (2-hour invitation class) – $81.90 per fortnight

A 10% sibling tuition discount is applied to second and subsequent students from the same family. Only the most expensive child pays full fare! If a child attends multiple classes a 10% multi-class discount is applied to the cheaper class.
For Squad pricing please contact our Customer Administration Team.

If you are signing up to direct debit with Skylark Sports, you agree to the following:


Term of the Direct Debit:

This Direct Debit contract is ongoing and will expire when written notice is provided by the customer.


Direct Debit Amount:

Direct Debit fees are set at a fortnightly rate, based on the number of classes that operate in the billing period/fortnight.
Membership fees will not be spread out across your direct debit payments. The membership fee will be processed in full on the last direct debit of the calendar year, to cover you for the following year.
If you enrol within the calendar year, it will be taken with your next scheduled fortnightly direct debit.


Processing of Direct Debits:

Direct Debits are processed fortnightly on a Monday. Please click here to see our Direct Debit Schedule for 2019.
Where a public holiday falls on a Monday, tuition will be processed the following day.


Suspension and Cancellation of Payments:

Skylark Sports Pty Ltd does not allow suspension of payments. Cancellation of Direct Debit requires 14 days’ written notice. In all instances, cancellation must be in writing via email sent through to our Customer Administration Team. When we receive the notice of cancellation, we will respond via email confirming the last direct debit date. Customers should not consider their account closed until they have received written confirmation of the cancellation. During the 14-day notice period, the Direct Debit amount will continue to be deducted at the calculated rate. Should there be any arrears in payments, the Customer authorises Skylark Sports Pty Ltd to debit the outstanding balance to bring the account up to date.

Once your direct debit payments have been cancelled, your child’s enrolment will be discontinued and their spot in class will not be held. If you plan to return, we are happy to place your child on our waitlist to ensure you have a chance at re-joining your chosen class, however this is subject to availability and not guaranteed.


Card dishonour:

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that funds are available in the nominated account. Should your payment be dishonoured, our Customer Administration Team will contact you to advise you of the problem. Skylark Sports Pty Ltd will retrieve any outstanding funds the day after the attempted payment. In the event that your account for the outstanding fortnight has not been settled, Skylark Sports Pty Ltd reserves the right to terminate your membership.



If you believe that there has been an error in debiting your account, please notify us immediately and we will work with you to resolve the problem. If we conclude as a result of our investigations that your account has been incorrectly debited, we will arrange for a reimbursement accordingly. We will also notify you by email of the amount by which your account has been adjusted.



We will keep any information (including your account details) confidential. We will make all reasonable efforts to keep any such information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.

Skylark Sports uses iClassPro to process payments. iClassPro uses one of the most secure methods of handling card data called “tokenisation”. Neither Skylark Sports nor iClassPro directly handles the card data. Instead, it is securely transmitted via an encrypted connection directly from the client to a PCI certified payment gateway. The card data is then converted in to a unique “token” representing the card number. iClassPro stores the token ID which is used when a saved card is debited. It is saved with a Level 1 PCI Compliant gateway.
Level 1 is the highest level of security that can be achieved by the PCI standards.

All transactions on this site are in Australian dollars.

Direct Debit is from Visa or Mastercard only.

If direct debit is dishonoured payment can be made by any of the following methods:

  • By credit card through the Parents Portal
  • Direct transfer
  • EFTPOS payment at our facility
  • Credit card payment over the phone
  • Cheque
  • Cash (cash is not kept on the premises so exact change is appreciated)

If direct debit is dishonoured your account must be paid prior to attending the next class.

Please download our 2019 Direct Debit dates below:

DD Dates_2019

It is recognised by you (the parent/guardian), that participation in physical activities carries with it a reasonable assumption of risk. In the event of injury or illness, you authorise the person in charge to administer first aid and to seek further medical, hospital or ambulance treatment if required. You agree to pay any costs incurred.

You agree to provide Skylark Sports with information regarding any medical, physical or behavioural conditions or issues that may affect participation, including a management plan if applicable. Our coaches are committed to helping each child have an enjoyable and successful experience and the more information they have the better they are able to assist.

Group and individual publicity plus training photos and videos may be taken from time to time. You consent to your child’s unnamed image being used in promotional and training material.

Fortnightly on a Monday morning, all items left in lost property will be discarded or donated.

If you realise you’ve left something behind, please get in touch with our Customer Admin Team straight away and we’ll put it aside for you.

Skylark Sports will not be responsible for any lost, missing or stolen items.