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Nationals 2019 Wrap

Congratulations to all Skylark acrobats who competed at Nationals this weekend, all 5 groups did incredibly well in very tough categories.

Two of our trios placed on the podium – Level 6 Trio (Chiara, Jessica & Milki) placed 2nd in Dynamic and 3rd overall, and Level 8 Trio (Ava, Madlen & Tegan) placed 3rd in Dynamic.

Thank you so much to all of our Skylark family that came along to support the acrobats – it makes all the difference to see familiar faces in the crowd.



Level 6 Trio

Overall Balance


Jessica Peraic, Chiara Nathan, Milki Tse




Mia Reitberger, India Kennedy, Chloe Auslender




Megan McNally, Jasmyn Bull, Tyleigh Goncalves





Level 7 Trio

Overall Balance


Dana Dexter, Mykelti Loria, Isobel Hall

 5th  4th



Level 8 Trio


Balance Dynamic


Madlen Mikhaylichenko, Tegan Schiller, Ava Goodwin


 5th  3rd



If you want to re-live the fun from the weekend you can either check out our Instagram highlight or head to our YouTube channel to watch all of the routines from the weekend.

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