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Our coaches are nationally accredited through the Gymnastics Australia Coach Education Framework. To maintain this accreditation each coach must undertake a minimum of 6 hours of recognised professional development each year. In addition to this, all Skylark Sports coaches participate in professional development workshops focusing on topics like class management, skill progressions, leadership, inclusion training. Our coaches are professionals.

Skylark Sports offers unlimited reschedule of classes. We want your child to enjoy the benefits of our programs so if you are away, your child is ill or you simply can’t make it to your scheduled class simply submit an expected absence on the customer portal or email us and we can book a make-up class. The following policies do apply to ensure we can provide a great experience to our members:

–          Classes can be rescheduled up to three days in advance and must be booked through the front desk. We can’t reschedule more than three days in advance as we don’t know if a space will be available, and we don’t want to overfill classes.

–          You can only book into a class where spaces exist. We don’t want to overfill classes as the experience of kids is our number one priority.

–          Must be booked in advance

–         Make-ups expire after 365 days, or when your enrolment ends. They cannot be transferred to another student or exchanged for credit or cash.

If you are going to be absent we ask that you let us know, that way we can offer your place to a student who is looking to reschedule their class that week.

Make up classes are not available in the Squad Acrobatics program.

Yes! Only the first child pays full fare. A 10% sibling discount is applied to the lesser tuition.

Please note that sibling discounts are not offered in our squad program.

Absolutely! Contact our office or use our online Customer Portal to book a class.

Please note that we are not able to reserve a place in a class more than 7 days in advance.

Your tuition pays for your place in the class, regardless of attendance. Our costs do not change if you miss a class and we are therefore not able to offer a reduction in tuition. For the safety and enjoyment of our students our classes operate on a ratio of 1 coach to 7-9 students. If we were to allow reductions in tuition for holidays and other missed classes this would result in a significant increase in fees for all our members. We do offer unlimited make-ups, so please refer to our make up policy above.

As we operate on a Direct Debit service you can cancel your enrollment with 7 days notice and no further charges will be incurred. Please note that we cannot reserve your place in the class for when you return, however we can put you on the waiting list.

Absolutely! We will gladly accommodate class change requests as long as a vacancy exists in a suitable class.

As we operate on a Direct Debit service you can cancel your enrolment with 7 days notice, and you can continue attending during that time.

If full payment for the term is made in advance there are no refunds available.

If you need to drop your class for a medical reason 7 days written notice is required. Although we are unable to hold your place in the class, as a courtesy you will be placed at the top of our waiting list for your preferred class if a medical certificate is supplied. Upon your return you are able to reschedule the classes missed in the 7 days notice.

Enrolling in a class secures your place in that class until you let us know that you no longer wish to attend. For the safety and enjoyment of our students our classes operate on a ratio of 1 coach to 7-9 students. We are unable to allow students to enrol casually ongoing, or in a different class on alternating weeks. If we allowed this it would result in either a vacant spot that we are unable to fill, or an overfull class. Neither of these are viable options so we are unable to accommodate this.

Single class bookings can be made up to 3-days in advance if a place exists. These are charged at the normal class rate. Single class bookings cannot be made more than 3 days in advance.

There are a few reasons why we don’t allow parents into the gym (with the exception of parent assisted kinderGYM classes). We ask that you please respect this rule as it is difficult for our coaches to ask you to step outside the space while they are coaching their class:

–          It’s not safe for you. There is lots of stuff happening in the gym, both on the ground and in the air. We want to keep you from falling over, getting landed on or bumping into something so please do not enter the gym.
–          It’s not safe for our participants. If parents enter the gym it is distracting to our athletes and can cause injury. If they land on you, it will probably hurt them more than it hurts you so please make sure you don’t enter the gym.
–          We need to be fair to all our members. We understand that sometimes your child might need a little extra encouragement to join a class, especially if it is the first time. If a coach invites you to walk your child in please firstly remove your shoes, stay with your child until they are settled, then quickly and safely walk from the gym into the parents area.

Once you have enrolled in a class you will remain an active member until you let us know that you would like to stop attending.

To let us know simply send an email to admin@skylarksports.com.au letting us know that you would like to drop your enrolment. 7 days notice is required in writing, and you can continue attending during that time.

Payment is made by direct debit, all you need to do is enter your payment details in the Customer Portal and you’re ready to go.

Skylark Sports uses iClassPro to process our payments. iClassPro uses one of the most secure methods of handling card data called “tokenisation”. Neither Skylark Sports nor iClassPro ever actually “touches” the card data. Instead, it is securely transmitted via an encrypted connection directly from the client to a PCI certified payment gateway and then the card data converted into a unique “token” representing the card number. iClassPro stores the token ID which is used when a saved card is debited. It gets saved with a Level 1 PCI Compliant gateway. Level 1 is the highest level of security that can be achieved by the PCI standards.

Absolutely! If you would like to enrol in more than one class per week there is a 10% discount on your second class!

Please talk to your child’s coach or email admin@skylarksports.com.au to request a call from our squad program manager.

Skylark Sports offers a monthly Direct Debit service, so your account can be paid by the month. If you’d like to pay by the term please contact us admin@skylarksports.com.au

Parent Assisted Classes:

You are welcome to take photos of your own child during the class so long as it doesn’t interfere with assisting your child through the activities. You are not permitted to take photos of other people’s children without their expressed permission.

All other classes:

Parents are not permitted to enter the training space. You may take photos of your child through the viewing window or door, however you are not permitted to take photos of other people’s children without their expressed permission.

Social sharing:

Use the hashtag #skylarksports when you post your photos on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to get them featured on the Skylark page.


Yes. Our full heat policy can be downloaded below:

Skylark Sports Heat Policy

Our price list and term dates can be found by clicking here.

If you need additional information or can’t find what you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can join at any time during the term as long as there is a place available.

Participants should wear comfortable sports clothing. Tight fitting clothing is recommended to avoid items going overhead when going upside down or getting caught on equipment. Bare feet are best, except in our Ninja programs where lace-up, flat soled shoes are to be worn. Long hair should be tied back away from the face. No jewellery, watches or buckles are to be worn in the gym. Personal items such as shoes can be left in pigeon holes, please ensure they are marked with your child’s name. Participants are asked not to bring valuables to class.
Water bottles will be brought into the gym with the athletes, please ensure they are sealable.