2020 Prices

Skylark Sports Class Prices

How it works

Skylark Sports tuition is calculated on a fortnightly basis via direct debit. Using a secure payment gateway, we automatically debit your nominated card each fortnight for the fortnight in advance. When classes aren’t running (ie, public holiday or term break) your tuition is reduced for that fortnight.

Fortnightly Tuition

KinderGym (45 minute class) – $48.60 per fortnight

GymFun/NinjaFun (60 minute class) – $54.60 per fortnight

GymSkills/NinjaSkills/Tumbling (80 minute class) – $69.80 per fortnight

NinjaSquad (2 hour class) – $90.50 per fortnight

A 10% sibling discount is applied to the tuition of second and subsequent siblings. Only the first child pays full fare. A 10% sibling discount is applied to the lesser tuition. If a child attends multiple classes a 10% multi-class discount is applied to the cheaper class.
For Squad pricing please contact our Customer Administration Team. Please note that sibling discounts are not available in our Squad Acrobatics Program.

Unlimited Class Reschedule

Skylark Sports offers unlimited reschedule of classes. We want your child to enjoy the benefits of our program so if you are away, your child is ill or you simply can’t make it to your scheduled class simply contact our Customer Administration Team and we can reschedule your class. You can reschedule before or after a class is missed. The following policies do apply to ensure we can provide a great experience to all our members:

  • Classes can be rescheduled up to 3 days in advance and must be booked in advance through the front desk. We can’t reschedule more than 3 days in advance as we don’t know if a space will be available and we don’t want to overfill classes.
  • You can only book into a class where a space exists. We don’t want to overfill classes as the experience of kids is our number one priority.

If you are going to be absent we ask that you let us know, that way we can offer your place to another student who is looking to reschedule their class that week.

Please note that rescheduling is not available in our Squad Acrobatics program.