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The Ultimate Ninja Footwear

At Skylark our ninja classes are a fun fusion of parkour, gymnastics, obstacle training and stage fighting. Each of those sports has different footwear requirements, so it can be tricky for parents to know what’s best for their ninjas to wear on their feet. Never fear, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect pair so your ninja can make the most of their training.


Make your own play dough

It’s likely to be cold and wet for the next little while so why not make some play-dough?

Play dough is a never ending tactile learning experience for all children. It’s a fantastic way to get creative, stimulate your imagination, and develop those fine motor skills. Plus it’s a whole lot of FUN!


Vegas Acro Cup 2019 Wrap

Congratulations to the Skylark Acrobats who have returned from a successful trip to the Vegas Acro Cup.

Mixed pair Dylan and Jaz placed 2nd overall and women’s group Madlen, Tegan and Ava placed 7th.